When The Going Gets Tough

Yesterday was easily the worst day I've had since starting clinicals. After getting through an early morning midterm, tripping down a flight of stairs, bleeding all over the arm of my dress shirt from a PPD placement and barely completing a particularly horrendous patient interaction during a direct observation assessment...I was definitely emotionally and mentally drained by the time I left the hospital. Aside from your normal "end of the workday" fatigue, I left the hospital drained of confidence in my choice to pursue medicine. Last night I cycled between feelings of frustration, anger, sorrow, and disappointment before ultimately crying myself to sleep.

Despite the many great interactions I've had on all my services so far, it only took one ROUGH day to completely overshadow all those amazing experiences. After a good stress cry, I realized third year isn't about striving for perfection or finding your life calling, but rather, third year is about finding opportunities for growth in each and every experience and taking the time to appreciate all the little things that make patient care so rewarding after its all said and done. Medicine isn't gonna be all sunshines and rainbows (unless you're on Peds lol) but hey, how else are you going to learn how to play in the rain? 💦💃🏾☔️ #confessionsofathirdyearmedstudent

Osaro Obanor