Dealing with Loss

Today I lost my first was completely unexpected and I'm still trying to process the concept of patient death. Today is a day known for the spread of love and celebration of family and it breaks my heart that this Mother's Day will forever be remembered by a family as the day that they declared their loved one clinically dead.

As soon as I got off service today, I caught the last afternoon service at my local church and all the women were gifted these tiny plants. In addition to being the hipster plant of choice, I think succulents ironically represent this unpredictable thing called life because sometimes life takes us through hardships, droughts, and harsh conditions but we are built to survive even the toughest of these situations. My thoughts and prayers today are for that family as well as for those who may still be battling a hardship or unfortunate situation of their own today.

Know that you are blessed and you are built to handle anything that life may throw at you as it is all for a greater purpose. #confessionsofathirdyearmedstudent

Osaro Obanor